Machine Bed Material

Polythene Vacuum Sheeting

Sacrificial Material
Polythene overlay is a sacrificial overlay sheeting. This overlay sheeting allows you to form a vacuum whilst cutting materials. The sheeting is supplied by the roll and each roll is...

Charcoal Felt Matting

Sacrificial Material
Our charcoal felt matting is a general purpose sacrificial cutting surface used across the Blackman and White flatbed machine range but suitable for all leading flatbed machine brands. Felt matting...

Zap-A-Gap (pack of 3)

Sacrificial Material
Zapagap medium strength acrylate glue ideal for conveyor belts due to its flexible attributes while maintaining it's strength. This is a contact adhesive that doesnt form too hard a bond...

Gripper Feet Pads

Sacrificial Material
The Gripper Feet Pads are attached to the bottom of the Gripper feet that go along the gantry of the Genesis Machine, holding down any material as it cuts to...

Drilled Board Machine Bedding

Sacrificial Material
Our new thinner PVC board is denser than the foamcore, impact-resistant and far more durable making it last much longer when using the rotary tool. It can be supplied with drilled...

Laser Crate Material

Sacrificial Material
we recommend the laser crate material for use with the laser tool head while cutting on the machine, it hold up the material and gives space for the laser to...
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